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Aojiru Collagen

Mosbeau Aojiru Collagen, all-natural health drink is made up of 12 Vegetable Extracts, 9 Essential Vitamins and 200 Millions of Lactobacilli made healthier to keep your beauty, with Collagen!

How to use

  1. Dissolve 1 sachet in a glass of water (120mL)
  2. Drink once daily before meals.

Health Effect

  •       Prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
  •       Immunity enhancement
  •       Boost energy (fatigue recovery)
  •       Improve blood circulation
  •       Prevents anemia
  •       Excrete toxins (reduced visceral and body fats)

Beauty Effect

  •       Prevention of skin problem (acne and rough skin)
  •       Beautiful skin (intake of vitamins and cleansing of intestines)
  •       Anti-aging (Suppresses generation of active oxygen)
  •       Helps promote good sleep (Contains Melatonin)
  •       Dietary effect (discharge waste of the body and increase metabolism;   improve body detox)


Aojiru Collagen Prevents Lifestyle-Related Diseases

Hypertension results from the intake of salty foods, stress accumulation, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

Hyperlipidemia is a result of eating too much animal fat and unhealthy oils that is responsible for plaque building up on the arteries known as Arteriosclerosis.


Diabetes is a lifestyle-related disease that is a result of having an excess blood sugar level. This explains the delight of Filipinos in sweet and high caloric foods.

Obesity is a metabolic disorder in which the ratio of body fat is unhealthy higher than usual.

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Placenta Collagen Jelly


The synergy ultimate anti-aging

Prevent the passing years from fading away from your beauty with the powerful synergy of Japan's most famous anti-aging & whitening ingredients. Keep your beauty with Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly!​


 Content: 15000mg / 30 Sachets

Main roles

  • Anti-aging
  • Whitening
  • Skin cell renewal

How to use: Take 1 sachet daily at any time of the day. Best served when chilled.


  • Provide intense anti-aging, whitening, & skin cell renewal
  • Come in ready to eat jelly sticks perfect for women on-the-go
  • Low calorie and low in sugar with a delicious mango flavor

 Want to be whiter?
Have as much as you want!

Get whiter & younger-looking skin with the synergy of Japan's 3 best ingredients - Collagen, Placental Protein, and L-Cystine - combined inside each sachet of Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly.


  • Consume contents after opening. Product may melt once sachet is opened.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight.
  • Not recommended for children and infants.


Water, Fish Collagen, Maltitol,
Glucose, Mango Juice, Glutathione,
Placental Protein (Horse), L-cystine,
Mango Flavor, Citric Acid, Dextrin,
Locust Bean Gum, Vitamin C,
Potassium Chloride, a-tocopherol
(Vitamin E), Hyaluronic Acid,
Soy Isoflavone, Coenzyme Q10,
Marine Salmon Egg, Glycine,
Acerola (Malpighia glabra),Hesperidin,
Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6

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Placenta white advance

The best-combined ingredients for whitening & anti-aging

Experience advanced whitening and anti-aging with Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement.

Infused with a breakthrough ingredient from Japan, it is used and trusted by millions of women worldwide.



Main Ingredients 

Horse Placenta, Marine Placenta, Collagen, Soy Isoflavone, Vitamin C, Acerola, Rose Petal, Extract, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Powder


Content: 650mg 120 tablets


How to use: Take 4 tablets daily. 


This supplement contains Horse Placental Protein, a famous whitening and anti-aging ingredient in Japan. It is also the first and only supplement with Japan-patented Marine Placental Protein used for whitening, anti-aging, and skin cell renewal. Plus, it contains 10 Active Ingredients that only Mosbeau can offer.


Placenta plays an important role in building the body of a person as it comprises almost all the nutrients needed for life - proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is a rich source of amino acids which is vital in producing renewed skin. It activates the production of collagen, elastin, & hyaluronic acid needed by the skin to replace old cells with new ones. During this cell regeneration, impaired and aged skin is naturally reborn to reveal a whiter, glowing, and youthful-looking skin



  •       Whitens the skin by hampering melanin production
  •       Fights against premature aging
  •       Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  •       Smoothens the skin texture
  •       Moisturizes the skin
  •       Quickens recovery from sunburn and darkening


  •       Detoxifies the body​
  •       Improves blood circulation
  •       Addresses hormonal imbalance
  •       Helps in recovering from tiredness
  •       Raises resistance to illnesses
  •       Prevents allergy and inflammation

     Discover the difference between:


    Millions of women across different countries have fulfilled their beauty aspirations with Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced. You too can become your most beautiful

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